LP Mining

To strengthen the co-governance from worldwide communities to NFT-GODS, NFT-GODS has set up the liquidity mining pool matching LG and USDT. The mining pool is established on PancakeSwap of BSC.
NFT-GODS will distribute 20% of token rewards (40 million LG tokens) to the liquidity pool. As long as users match LG with equal proportions of USDT, and provide liquidity for the mining pool, the mining pool will, according to the level of the liquidity, give corresponding rewards to the users.That is called Liquidity Pool Mining.
The advantage of participating in the Liquidity Pool Mining of NFT-GODS is that the liquidity providers can obtain rich profits, only through the increasing demand for LG tokens brought by the heat and consensus of NFT-GODS, before they master the specific playing methods of NFT-GODS.
Update: September 3, 2021