Mentoring System

The mentoring system in NFT-GODS is a small sized extended playing method to satisfy a small social circle. Users can invite their friends to join in NFT-GODS, which enables both sides and even more friends to obtain god power rewards, and improves the daily profit-gaining ability for both of them.
The mentoring relationship in NFT-GODS indicates two layers of invitation relationships:
  1. 1.
    after A invites B to join in NFT-GODS, A and B both can obtain a power addition, 30% of the less one’s power; (For example: A has 100 of power, and B has 10; 30% of the total power of the less one between A and B means 30% of the power of B; therefore, both of them obtain 3 as extra power addition (10×30%=3).)
  2. 2.
    if A invites B, and B invites C, A will individually enjoy 10% of the less one (between A and C)’s power, as extra power addition; (For example: A has 100 of power and C has 1,000. If C is invited by B, A will individually obtain10% of the less one (between A and C)’s power, which is 10 (100×10%=10), as extra power addition.)