NFT Mining
NFT card mining is the main creative playing method of NFT-GODS, which not only bonds NFT works with deterministic contract algorithms, but also increases deterministic profitable playing methods for NFT-GODS. That means NFT works are given more attributes, such collection, playing and profit gaining, and that truly realizes the playing value of NFT works. With NFT-GODS cards, everyone can equally and timely enjoy the real profits gained by NFT card mining.

Operation Mode

when enter into the interface of “NFT Mining”, put the card into the corresponding slot.

Profit Gain

according to the total god power of all cards put in the corresponding slots, daily available mining profit can be automatically calculated. Users can withdraw their mining profit anytime, but the GAS cost caused by withdrawing shall be paid. We recommend users to save enough profit before they withdraw it;

God Power

The profit ability of card mining is related to the god power and the rareness of a card ; the higher god power the card has, the more profit can be gained from the mining.

Method List for the “God Power” Addition of Cards

  1. 1.
    draw cards from more card bags, to obtain higher rareness in one card;
  2. 2.
    recompose the cards with the same serial number and same rareness, to obtain higher rareness in one card;
  3. 3.
    according to the correlative relationship between cards, collect card arrays as many as possible, to improve the power addition of more cards;
  4. 4.
    use extra cards with same serial numbers to upgrade, to increase experience for card slots, which can obtain higher basic power addition from card slots;
  5. 5.
    invite more friends to join in the application, and establish master & disciple relationship with friends, to obtain card power addition for both sides.