The first version of the development is completed, the application is officially deployed to the BSC main network, and the public test phase is opened;
2021 Q3
Officially launched. The first phase of gameplay will focus on NFT mining, new cards and relationships will be updated every two weeks, card auctions and card synthesis will also be open;
2021 Q4
Expand the NFT-Gods ecosystem map and launch "Project Da Vinci" with more co-branded, limited, commercial named collaborations, and player-created cards, sharing NFT sales revenue with participants;
2022 Q1
The DAO governance system goes online. LG token holders can vote on important issues such as release of LG token and parameter adjustment.
2022 Q2
Launch new card expansion pack, and launch camp gameplay, camp exclusive bonus, camp occupation bonus open!
2022 Q2
Multi-chain deployment for NFT-Gods and complete cross-chain for LG tokens.
2022 Q3
The first phase of the Chinese theme is officially over, and the second phase of the gods culture theme will be decided according to the DAO governance.
2022 Q4
The development of V2 version is completed and the test phase is opened. New gameplay such as card battle and Metaverse social is launched.