The theme for the first series of NFT-Gods was voted on by the community, and we chose "Investiture of Gods" from Chinese classic fairy tale, with all characters to be revealed gradually in the future. We will also open up the characters of god culture from more countries.
Based on the system of worldwide fairy tales, NFT-GODS also has invited well-known painting artists to design the card skins, to strive for the perfect infusion of fairy tales and characters in the world during the entire operation plan of it, which all aims for creating a special fairy tale world only in NFT-GODS.
Therefore, in consideration of the infusion of culture and technology, NFT-GODS will extend the boundary towards to the public in the areas of commerce and application, besides the areas of art works and collection investment.
If you are an illustrator and are interested in NFT art, you can join us in the upcoming “Da Vinci Project”.
Contact us: [email protected]
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