Card Quality

There are seven qualities namely grey, white, green, blue, purple, orange and gold. The various quality cards contain the following:
  1. 1.
    Grey Card——Contains 10 LG & 200 Power
  2. 2.
    White Card——Contains 50 LG & 1000 Power
  3. 3.
    Green Card——Contains 100 LG & 2000 Power
  4. 4.
    Blue Card——Contains 200 LG & 4000 Power
  5. 5.
    Purple Card——Contains 400 LG & 8000 Power
  6. 6.
    Orange Card——Contains 800 LG & 16000 Power
  7. 7.
    Golden Card——Contains 3000 LG & 60000 Power

Card Number

Each card is only matched with one serial number, so the card can be searched through the serial number on the backpack interface.

Card Power

Each card has its own matched power of gods; the higher the power is, the more profits the participants of NFT mining will make. The cards with higher rareness have higher powers; different cards with the same rareness have the same power.

Card Value (Stake)

Disassembling cards can obtain tokens; cards with higher rareness normally have a higher quantity of the tokens; different cards with the same rareness contain the same quantity of tokens.
Update: August 28, 2021
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