Bug Bounty

Bug bounty for NFT-GODS.
Welcome to NFT-GODS Bug Bounty Program. We want NFT-GODS to be as secure as it can be, so we're calling on our community to help us find any bugs and vulnerabilities. Submit a bug to [email protected] and earn rewards of up to $100,000 USD.
Please see below our program details and rules for reporting a bug!

Bug Bounty Program Details

Rewards for Bug Bounties will be assessed based on an internal rated scale
  • Critical: Up to $100,000
  • High: Up to $10,000
  • Medium: Up to $1,000
  • Low: Up to $250

Bug Bounty Rules

  • Public disclosure of a vulnerability would make it ineligible for a reward
  • Duplicated issues are not eligible for reward, only the first submission will be eligible
  • Rewards will be distributed at the full discretion of the NFT-GODS team based on the criteria
  • Discovered vulnerability of the bug must be reported only to the NFT-GODS team via email to [email protected]

Suggested Bug Bounty Report Template

Telegram ID:
BSC Wallet Address:
Components that are affected:
Any other details:
(Attach any relevant screenshots or documentation)
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